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Our lives and jobs are busier now than they've ever been. It's easy to lose sight of healthy eating habits. Here's where we come in.

NDC-Nutrition at Work inspires EFAP clients to set attainable nutrition goals. Our accessible program helps employees incorporate lifestyle changes, and develop a personalized action plan to stay healthy and active.

  • Nutrition Counselling

    Personalized support for anything from weight loss to medical conditions. Employees get healthier, motivated toward their personal best.

  • Complete Nutrition Training

    Online or on-site, our nutrition training sessions are interactive, accessible and timely.

  • Disability Management

    Nutrition support for employees off work due to injury or illness.

  • Consultation Services

    EFAP clients profit from our custom designed nutrition programs and expert advice.

  • Sports Nutrition

    Nutrition strategies for athletes and amateur athletes who want to perform at their best.

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Discover Nutrition

Guided by star quality dietitians, employees now have nutrition support at their fingertips through our secure online e-counselling platform.

The New Core Business Strategy

Nutrition at work is the new business priority. This makes leadership sense. Employees get healthier and are motivated towards their personal best. Every business wants healthy, productive employees and a healthy bottom line. Learn more