Sports Nutrition

"When everyone is highly talented, highly trained, and highly motivated, nutrition will provide the winning edge that separates you from the rest!"- Dr. Louise Burke.

Nutrition Strategies for Athletes

NDC Nutrition at Work offers specialized sports nutrition counselling for athletes and amateur athletes who want to perform at their best. Our special team of Registered Dietitians with expertise in sports nutrition create nutrition strategies for individual athletes, amateur and corporate teams looking to stand out on competition day.

Eat to Compete

Athletes have unique nutritional needs, as they require a nutrition strategy that will not only maintain energy levels for daily activities, but also fuel training and competition. Precision counts for athletes. They tend to work with short seasons and need to get their nutrition strategy on track from the start.

  • Hydration

  • Nutrition strategy

  • Body composition

  • Ergogenic aids

  • Supplements

  • Recovery