Our approach: Short Term Services, Long Term Benefits

We empower busy people to make smart, healthy food choices. Our range of nutrition services offers employees the effective tools, strategies, and coaching they need to change their behaviour, set goals, and enjoy the healthy results.

EFAPs Don't Worry About a Thing

NDC-Nutrition at Work delivers a flawless turnkey program that integrates into any EFAP model and has been refined over the last fifteen years. EFAPs rely on our structure to service their specific nutrition requests, so once we are on board, EFAPs don't worry about a thing!

The Challenge

Is absenteeism up? Is productivity down? These are often the red flags of employee health concerns, poor nutrition and lifestyle choices. It can cost businesses between $150 and $300 billion per year.

The NDC Approach

As the global pioneer of nutrition at work programs, we deliver science-based counselling services that integrate seamlessly with EFAP and HR objectives, making us a provider of choice.

EFAP Trained Dietitians

Our coast to coast team of Registered Dietitians is highly skilled and trained in various EFAP models of nutrition coaching whether in person, telephone, or online. Each model requires a different skill set, well honed communications skills, and personal qualities of care and compassion. No matter the geographic location, no matter the challenge, we deliver quality nutrition coaching to individuals and their families.

  • We've got Canada and the US covered! Our web of services extends from East to West and into Northwest Territories.
  • Our services are easily accessible by phone and in person. Our robust network extends to the US.
  • Our expert team of Registered Dietitians is specially trained to deliver results-driven, short term nutrition interventions.
  • Our custom designed services mesh seamlessly with each EFAP brand and clientele.
  • We deliver quality and consistency each time. EFAPs depend on it.
  • Are your clients overseas? No problem. Our services are just a mouse click away.
  • We are a solid business partner. NDC brings marketing and business development know-how to the table!